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Let's Introduce the Empowch Team - Our Team of Doers and Dreamers

May 9, 2022

No project exists in a vacuum and Bankey L.L.C. have brought together a committed team to help create the Empowch dream. We are a very diverse collection of people who span the globe and all work remotely. Some of us have met in person and others have only met online. It is an unusual although modern way to conduct business.

Here is our team of dreamers and doers all working together to create real change in people’s lives:

Moataz Alobaid is the primary Founder of Bankey LLC. and has conceptualized Empowch to solve a problem he was having of getting cash into the hands of his mother in rural Lebanon, instantly and cost effectively. Moataz was born in Lebanon/Syria where he graduated before leaving to make his mark on the world, working in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and The United States of America where he is now located with his wife Bethany who is the co-founder of Empowch, and 3 amazing children 2, 4 and 6 in age. Moataz is a Fintech specialist focused on user experience (UX), in the global banking industry. Moataz drives our engine with his passion and, as a founder, is an inspirational role model for Empowch.

Bethany Condo is our co-founder and Moataz’s wife, partner, and rock. Bethany is a qualified Behavioral Analyst and is the hands on, action orientated driver of our Empowch engine. Bethany wears as many hats as is needed to make sure all the dreamers on our team pull together and actually get the work done. Bethany is also a full time mom and has to juggle a complex life managing a household, 3 kids, a cute cat and all her responsibilities within the Empowch ecosphere from their home in Washington D.C.

Andrea Araiza, Empowch's Marketing and Communications Director

Andrea Araiza lives and works in Mexico and is our brand ambassador, responsible for so much of the look and feel of Empowch. Andrea is the perfect team member who never says no to an idea and works tirelessly to make sure it comes to life. Andrea has an aesthetic that connects with our ethos and together we all work together to create a little magic. Andrea is one of our most committed team members. When you see all the bells and whistles on the Empowch website, the look and feel of the app itself or even just this email, know that Andrea had some hand in all of that.

Michael Ghannam  lives and works in Lebanon, and is a full-stack developer. He specializes in front end and UI/UX development. Michael, like many of us at Empowch, has a diverse set of experiences and skill sets. He has worked for several years as a firefighter (learning discipline) before becoming a coder and working on Empowch. Michael is responsible for coding the user experience on Empowch.

Ramy Daas lives and works in Lebanon, and is a full-stack developer. He specializes in backend development, and makes sure that all your money transfers are done effortlessly and safely. Ramy is a computer science student who has a passion for programming. He is extremely hard-working and talented and has been coding since a very young age (like younger than this photo) and he has become a skilled and highly experienced software developer. Ramy has been able to take the ethos of Empowch and turn it into complex code.

Frederik Goss lives and works from Canada and is the Chief Strategic Officer and Acting CEO for Empowch (also a co-dreamer). Frederik has worked in South Africa as an interior designer, IT entrepreneur, quasi-lawyer and art restorer, in Saudi Arabia as an event manager, relocations manager and Interior designer, In Qatar as a real estate agent and relocations specialist  and is now living in Vancouver raising his 5 year old daughter whom he also looks after, in between working on Empowch and finishing his book. He writes stuff like this for Empowch, but he is also committed to the long term goal of Bankey LLC. to work toward the upliftment of disenfranchised communities using innovative FinTech.

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