Back To School In Lebanon

Amid Lebanon’s economic collapse, education suffers: soaring costs, plummeting standards, and a brain drain of skilled professionals. Urgent reforms and international aid are crucial to secure a brighter future.

A Tapestry of Resilience: The Lebanese Diaspora in the United States

The United States has been shaped by the rich tapestry of diverse communities, and the Lebanese diaspora stands out as a significant contributor. From the late 19th century, Lebanese immigrants sought new opportunities in America, overcoming religious persecution and economic hardships. Different cities became hubs where Lebanese individuals found success and made lasting impacts

Unleashing Financial Inclusion: Empowch X MoonPay

Join Empowch and MoonPay in a groundbreaking collaboration, revolutionizing financial inclusion. Seamlessly add USDC & XLM, transfer globally, and empower the unbanked. Experience the future of blockchain payments.

Empowering Unbanked Freelancers and Platforms

With Empowch, freelancers can thrive on any platform, regardless of their banking status, advancing Sustainable Development Goals. By integrating Empowch’s API, platforms tap into untapped talent, diversify offerings, and foster loyalty. Join Empowch today to shape a future where talent knows no boundaries.

Empowch: Empowering Women in the GIG Economy

Empowch: Empowering Women in the Gig Economy. Bridging the gender gap by providing financial tools and equitable payment opportunities. Join the movement for a more inclusive and empowering gig economy.

Empowch’s Payment API: Secure, Borderless, Global

Introducing Empowch’s GIG Economy API: Seamlessly empower businesses and individuals in the gig economy with secure cross-border payments. Expand your global reach, eliminate traditional banking requirements, enjoy low fees, fast transactions, and enhanced security. Join us for the future of gig economy payments.