Blockchain 101: All You Need to Know

Blockchain technology has been a buzzword in the financial industry for some time now. But despite its widespread recognition, it’s often still misunderstood. Check out this blog to understand how and why it’s changing the world of finance.

The Unbanked Freelancers Hustle and Grind

Tired of the daily grind of a 9-5 job and dreaming of a career that offers the freedom to work from anywhere in the world? Freelancing may be the answer to your prayers. Here we have some tips to effectively manage your time as a freelancer.

Empowch Ambassadors

Looking for ways to make a positive impact in the world and promote inclusivity? Become an Empowch Ambassador and become part of a community that is passionate about fighting inequality and promoting inclusivity.

The Global Diaspora

Diaspora is a term that refers to the movement of people away from their home countries, whether it be for political, economic, or personal reasons. In this blog, we take a closer look at four specific regions that have seen a significant number of their citizens emigrate.

What is Web3?

Web3 believes that ownership of digital infrastructure should be shared amongst a greater collective to make it more equitable, open and transparent. Read to learn more about Web3 and ho we are using it in Empowch.

The Stability of Stable Coins

With the collapse of speculative alt coins like those on FTX, it’s clear that not all cryptocurrencies are created equal. Are you interested in using cryptocurrency but worried about its volatility? Stablecoins may be the solution you’ve been looking for.