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Become a Connector!


It is a person or small business that offers cash in and cash out services to other Empowch Users, specifically, those who don’t own a bank account. This means that they help add or withdraw cash from users wallets, whenever they need it. 

4 Reasons to Become a Connector

Connect Your Community

Help those without a bank account, access essential financial services, such as receiving money internationally, saving and exchanging, by funding their wallets. 

Make Some Extra Cash

Boost your income while helping others; receive a percentage of each cash in and cash out transaction you help complete. 

Get New Customers

If you’re a business, you’ll get to connect with other Empowch users and expand your customer base by offering cash services. 

Empower Others

By offering cash in and cash out services to people without a bank account, you’ll help them gain financial independence and security, becoming a positive force in your community.

Ready To Become a Connector?

Here's How To Do It:

Open Your Empowch Wallet

Go to the Empowch app on your cellphone and log into your account. 

Go to the "Become a Connector" Section

Once you are in your account, go to the menu (top left) and select “Become a Connector”. You’ll need to confirm your email before joining our network. 

Complete Your Connector Submission

Fill out all the information required; you’ll just need your name, ID and location. Don’t worry, all your information is secure with us. 

Wait To Get Approved

After you submit your information, we will review it and confirm that everything is correct and in order. This will take just a few days

Offer Connector Services!

When you receive the notification that you’ve been approved, you can start empowering your community! 

Become a Connector Now!

Empowering Peoples' Pockets

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