Empowerment through equity

Equity through transparency

Our Story

Our founder, Moataz, grew up in a large family of eight, in a small rural village in Lebanon. Everyone in his family has a smartphone, but only he and his brother have bank accounts. Like so many in the diaspora, sending money home to family and friends is a difficult, very costly and time-consuming exercise and in some cases just not possible.

1.4 billion people worldwide are unbanked or underbanked, which means they do not have access to any basic financial services, and yet two-thirds have access to a mobile phone. It only seems logical that the solution to empowering the unbanked, lies in the use of mobile phone and blockchain technology to work toward bringing financial inclusion to these disadvantaged communities.

The Team

Moataz Alobaid

Bethany Condo

Frederik Goss

Michael Ghannam

Rami Daas

Andrea Araiza

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