Free and instant international money transfers for your customers, all from your platform

Empower your customers with the future of fast and reliable cross-border transfers

Powered by blockchain technology and USDC, Empowch is the secure, efficient and low-cost way for your customers to transfer money internationally.

How We Are Revolutionizing Payments

Global Reach

Blockchain enabled transactions allow your customers to send money anywhere in the world, instantly.

Lower Cost

“>Empowch’s blockchain-based, peer-to-peer, cross-border transactions save money by eliminating intermediaries.


Real time transactions are processed at near instant speed at any distance; as USDC transactions are settled on the Stellar network, they get completed in just a few seconds.

Security and Transparency

Blockchain technology ensures secure, transparent, auditable transactions and offers a high level of fraud protection.


Transactions can be done across different blockchain networks, which can help reaching different markets.


Empowch uses Stable Coins which are always pegged 1:1 to fiat currency, eradicating market volatility.


We have implemented a strong compliance program to ensure adherence to regulations and laws.

Experience the Simplicity of Our API

A Step-by-Step:

Receive Payment Request From Freelancer

Once freelancers finish their job, they send a payment request to you, directly from their Empowch Wallet

Review the Request

When you receive the request review and confirm the information: the name and the amount

Accept the Request and Send the Payment

Accept the request and pay the freelancer. They’ll instantly receive their payment into their mobile phone. 

View Previous Transactions

You can check out all your previous transactionson your Empowch Wallet

Don't Let Your Bank Get Left Behind

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