Unleash the power of blockchain for banks with USDC cross-border payments

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The secure and efficient way for your customers to transfer money internationally, powered by blockchain technology and using USDC

Our platform is designed to help banks increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction by providing a fast and reliable cross-border payment solution. With Empowch, your customers can easily send and receive money internationally using USDC, a stablecoin, built on the Stellar network..

Some key benefits of using Empowch for your bank:

Lower Cost

Empowch uses USDC for cross-border payments, providing cost-effective, peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries, saving customers money on transaction fees.

Faster Transactions

Transactions get processed faster than traditional methods; as USDC transactions are settled on the Stellar network, they get completed in just a few seconds.

Security & Transparency

The use of blockchain technology ensures secure, transparent and auditable transactions, aiding compliance and regulatory requirements while keeping customer information protected.


We ensure compliance with regulations and laws, and have a robust compliance program in place.


Transactions can be done across different blockchain networks, which can help reaching different markets.

Don’t let your bank get left behind start offering your customers a better way to transfer money internationally.

Empowering Peoples' Pockets

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