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Disrupting the Financial Services Sector - Bankey, LLC Launches Empowch Digital Wallet

May 2, 2022

It isn’t often that something revolutionary comes along, like an Uber or Amazon. The rare unicorn’s that sprinkle glitter at everyone’s feet with promises of one X profit after the other, we promise more.

What we have developed is something truly revolutionary in the Mobile Digital Wallet Realm. 


Our ethos has been infused into the coded structure of our mobile digital wallet, and it resides in our Founders and the team they have assembled to drive the Empowch dream. A team of action orientated dreamers.

The name Empowch was created to reflect the ethos of Bankey, LLC to “Empower Peoples’ Pockets” using digital technology, to create better equity in the financial services market.

Bankey, LLC. designed, developed, owns, and operates Empowch, which allows users to, in a peer-to-peer system; 

Add and store money to their digital wallets, transact with funds in their digital wallet and withdraw money from their digital wallet, using a unique community cash out system or a traditional financial services system. 

Simplicity and Convenience.

With the Empowch app, you will be able to send and receive money instantly, borderless, at a fraction of current remittance fees as easily as sending a WhatsApp or WeChat message to family and friends back home.

With Empowch your family and friends will be able to:

  • Keep their own money safe in their own digital wallet.
  • Send money instantly to any Empowch customer around the world.
  • Pay in store or online securely,
  • Withdraw cash easily when needed,
  • Transfer funds to a bank account if you have one.

We have  launched our Beta version in the U.S.A. and there is early access for an account in Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). Soon we will be opening new corridors in Canada, Mexico, Lebanon and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (KSA) in the coming months.


  • Download the Empowch app,
  • Create your account,
  • Invite your contacts,
  • Fund your wallet with a small amount,
  • Make a transfer,
  • and let us know how we can improve our design.

This is all about community and feedback is essential. Tell us what kinds of Add-Ons would be beneficial to your community so we can start working towards adding these to our final release. 

Add your name to our emailing list and we will keep you updated with a monthly newsletter as to our progress and join all our social media shown below and boost us wherever you can, share content, like our content and  get friends to join the Empowch movement. 

Give us direct feedback and help us build a “wolf pack community” and grow Empowch to be a global disruptor in the financial services sector.Empowch is designed by people like you and for you. 

Join our movement and let’s work together to Empower Peoples’ Pockets !

Empowch Team

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Empowering Peoples' Pockets

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