Empowch and Ding Unite Forces

Revolutionizing Global Connectivity and Gifting

November 27, 2023

Washington, DC, USA, – In an era where seamless connectivity and inclusivity in financial services are vital, Empowch, a groundbreaking mobile money platform, has unveiled an impactful alliance with Ding, the renowned global mobile top-up provider. This partnership marks a significant stride towards empowering users worldwide through expanded accessibility to international mobile top-ups and digital gift vouchers.

Empowch’s commitment to breaking down barriers and providing financial opportunities to the unbanked aligns seamlessly with Ding’s mission to enrich lives by expanding access to essential services. With Ding’s far-reaching network encompassing over 850 mobile operators spanning 150+ countries, this collaboration opens doors for Empowch users to effortlessly send international mobile top-ups and digital gift cards to loved ones, transcending geographical boundaries and time zones.

Declan Burke, Regional Director Americas & Europe at Ding, expressed boundless excitement about this joint venture, emphasizing, “Our partnership with Empowch aligns perfectly with our goal of enabling individuals to share the gift of international airtime with their families and friends. This collaboration not only strengthens Ding’s foothold in the USA but also offers enhanced services to migrant workers supporting their families abroad.

Empowch’s visionary approach to tackle financial exclusion faced by marginalized communities, especially women and migrants, is at the core of this partnership. Moataz Alobaid, Founder and CEO of Empowch, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Our alliance with Ding marks a pivotal moment in enabling our customers, regardless of their banking status, to send heartfelt gifts to their families abroad. Introducing mobile card top-ups and gift cards to the unbanked extends our reach and underscores our commitment to empowering individuals through accessible financial services.

At its essence, this partnership aims to bridge the gap in financial inclusivity by providing a convenient micro-value transfer solution for underserved populations. Expatriates can now supplement monetary remittances with international mobile top-ups, offering crucial support to their families’ financial needs.

This collaboration doesn’t just represent a business merger; it symbolizes a stride towards a more connected, inclusive, and empowered world. As Empowch and Ding join forces, they’re not just offering services; they’re transforming lives, amplifying connectivity, and fostering financial inclusion on a global scale.

About Ding:

Established in 2006, Ding’s primary objective has been to enhance lives by expanding access to essential services. As a global leader in international mobile top-up services, Ding has facilitated over 500 million top-ups through its app, Ding.com website, and a vast network of 10,000 DingConnect.com partners across 600,000 retail outlets worldwide. With an extensive focus on delivering top-ups every second through 850+ operators in 150+ countries, Ding ensures that families and friends worldwide stay seamlessly connected.

About Empowch:

Empowch stands as a transformative fintech entity dedicated to empowering the unbanked, particularly freelancers and marginalized individuals within the MENA region. The company’s peer-to-peer mobile wallet and payment platform, built on the Stellar blockchain and powered by global stablecoins, aim to bridge the gap between cash and digital currency. Empowch’s Human ATM model, the Connector, unlocks opportunities for millions of unbanked individuals globally.

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