Empowch: Empowering Women in the GIG Economy

June 11, 2023

In the ever-evolving gig economy, gender disparities persist, hindering women’s progress and economic empowerment. Recent studies have revealed a staggering gender pay gap, with men charging an average of 48% more than women in certain sectors. This disparity not only perpetuates inequalities but also stifles economic progress. However, there is hope on the horizon—Empowch, is committed to bridging this gap, is driving change by empowering women in the gig economy and fostering gender equality.

Women in the Gig Economy: Breaking Barriers and Bridging Gaps

The gig economy has become a popular choice for many individuals seeking flexibility and technological advancements. However, it is important to recognize the specific challenges faced by women in this realm. According to gig economy statistics, men are more likely to be employed in the gig economy (31%) compared to women (18%). This gender gap extends to the payment discrepancies, with female freelancers earning 84% less money than their male counterparts across all fields. These disparities highlight the need for initiatives that empower and uplift women in the gig economy, creating a more inclusive and equitable landscape.

Marginalization of Women in the Gig Economy

Historically, women have faced numerous barriers, including limited access to banking services. Cultural and historical factors have contributed to a higher likelihood of women not having a bank account, perpetuating financial disparities. Recognizing this issue, 

Empowch is dedicated to addressing the marginalization of women in the gig economy by leveraging technology. Their innovative platform provides financial tools and alternative payment methods, empowering unbanked freelancers, including women. By ensuring equitable access to financial services, Empowch is bridging the gap and fostering gender equality in the gig economy.

Empowering Women in the Gig Economy: A Catalyst for Change

The gig economy demographics reveal that the majority of gig workers are aged 18-34, with a growing trend among millennials and Gen Z. However, it is crucial to consider the unique struggles faced by women within these age groups. 

Gig economy statistics show that 63% of Gen X gig workers report financial struggles, with difficulties in sticking to a budget and making ends meet. Empowch recognizes the financial challenges women encounter and aims to provide them with the resources and support necessary to thrive in the gig economy.

Empowch’s Impact on the Gig Economy Landscape

Empowch is revolutionizing the gig economy by offering a technological solution that enhances financial inclusion for the traditionally unbanked including marginalized women. Through their platform, women who have historically been underserved by traditional banking systems can access equitable payment opportunities. 

By empowering unbanked freelancers, Empowch enables women to participate fully in the gig economy, fostering gender equality and economic empowerment. Their commitment to closing the gender pay gap and providing equal payment opportunities for all freelancers sets them apart as a driving force for change.

A Technological Solution for Empowering Marginalized Women:

Empowch understands the historical marginalization of women, particularly when it comes to access to banking services. Cultural and historical reasons have contributed to women being more likely to lack a bank account. Recognizing this disparity, 

Empowch leverages technology as a transformative solution, breaking down barriers and empowering marginalized women in the gig economy. Through their innovative platform, Empowch provides financial tools and alternative payment methods, enabling women to overcome these obstacles and achieve economic empowerment.


The gig economy presents both opportunities and challenges, particularly for women who have historically been marginalized in various aspects of society. Empowch recognizes these disparities and has taken a proactive approach to empower women in the gig economy. 

By leveraging technology, providing financial tools, and facilitating alternative payment methods, Empowch is bridging the gap, enhancing gender equality, and fostering economic empowerment for women in the gig economy. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable landscape that empowers all individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving world of freelance work.

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