Empowch: Mobilizing the Cash Economy

November 2, 2023

Empowch is a transformative fintech company with a mission to empower the unbanked, particularly freelancers and marginalized individuals, in the MENA region. We’ve developed a peer-to-peer mobile wallet and payment platform built on the Stellar blockchain and powered by stablecoins. Our unique Human ATM model, known as the Connector, bridges the gap between cash and digital currencies, unlocking the potential of millions.

Problem and Vision

Empowch is addressing the core problem of financial exclusion faced by unbanked freelancers and marginalized individuals (especially women and migrants), starting with the gig economy. This problem arises from limited access to basic financial services, hindering their full participation in the digital economy and impeding financial well-being. Empowch envisions a world where everyone, regardless of financial background or location, can access and benefit from the opportunities of the digital economy, fostering inclusivity and financial empowerment.


Our Unique Model: The Connector

At the heart of Empowch is the Connector, a revolutionary approach that allows peer-to-peer exchange between cash and digital currencies. This model empowers not just individuals but entire communities by providing a seamless way to access the digital economy.

Key Features

  • Peer-to-Peer Mobile Wallet: Empowch offers a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet that enables instant, low-cost money storage and transfer.
  • Stellar Blockchain & Stablecoins: We harness the power of the Stellar blockchain and stablecoins to provide borderless and efficient financial solutions.
  • Access for the Unbanked: We specifically target the unbanked population, freelancers, and diaspora communities to offer financial inclusion.
  • Partnerships: Empowch collaborates with gig economy platforms and financial institutions to make our services widely accessible.


Why Invest in Empowch

  • Financial Inclusion: We’re committed to providing financial empowerment to those left out of the traditional banking system.
  • User-Centric: Our human-centered design principles make crypto accessible, affordable, and inclusive for all.
  • Community-Driven: Empowch Connectors create a vibrant network, bringing the unbanked into the digital economy.

Get Involved

Discover the potential for impactful change with Empowch. Partner with us, invest in our vision, and become part of a transformative journey towards a financially inclusive world.


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