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Empowch Soft Launch - Wrap Up!

May 16, 2022

Our soft launch has come to an end and we would like to thank everyone who participated in assisting us with testing the Empowch platform. Soft Launches are an essential element to any business and especially for a new start up. This is the time we can observe and manage any issues that arise as our Empowcher’s test our platform. It has been an excellent learning process for every one of us.

Our soft launch commenced over 5 weeks and we introduced the problem, the solution, the team and the dream.

From a marketing perspective we are now in the process of analyzing our reach data, to determine the best practice for marketing. We are also using the soft launch as an opportunity to build our various tools to run Empowch.

Our market traction has been better than expected. 

Our Analytics shows Empowch.com had 350% more than expected views during our soft launch! All our marketing thus far has been organic unpaid marketing. We have had 1000 Views on Empowch.com during the launch window and over 500 user engagements.

We have had over 150 downloads of the App and more than $ 300k has come into the Empowch Ecosphere. 

LinkedIn proved to be our best source of traction with over 600 new viewers during the soft launch and over 150 new followers. (23) Post | Feed | LinkedIn This post had the most views and this post (23) Post | Feed | LinkedIn had the most clicks per impression at almost 9%. Our all round most popular LinkedIn post was this one (23) Post | Feed | LinkedIn. We have found LinkedIn Analytics to be the most comprehensive. 

We had a 450% increase in our FaceBook traffic during the soft launch, and 300% on Instagram. This article (6) Facebook was the most engaged and viewed article on FaceBook and this was the second most viewed and interacted post (6) Facebook. Over 45% of our FaceBook reach is aged between 18-24, 30% aged 25-34, 18% 35-44

Our Twitter account during the soft launch had 3.9k impressions.On Twitter our Average engagement rate is 6%,  This was our most engaged Tweet  and was a tweet about a new video we added to youtube which you can see HERE. Our Tweet with the most impressions was this one 

“What if the meetings are done on WhatsApp walkabouts?  I still believe in the magic of connections done physically but I agree “meeting culture” is a real thing. It’s not always needed and not for everyone.” 

We have 11 TikTok videos but we have grown our audience organically to 32 followers. Our most popular video is about DeFi empowch (@empowch) TikTok | Watch empowch’s Newest TikTok Videos . We have had over 1000 view of our videos.

Our YouTube Channel is still small as we grow it but we have 12 videos and this video is the most viewed

To our amazing team in Empowch, thank you for all your hard work and digging deep during the soft launch to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

Next week we will be launching our new marketing campaign targeting the BANKED population and our gears will shift slightly as we start targeting investor opportunities and spreading the Empowch model to potential remitters. 

Please continue to share Empowch with anyone you know who would be interested in using Empowch or investing in Empowch. Together we can empower the Unbanked.

Thank you for all your support.

Empowch Team

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