The Global Diaspora

Connecting with loved ones in their home country.

April 16, 2023

Connecting with loved ones in their home country is a top priority for the Global Diaspora. Whether it’s for cultural reasons, family obligations, or financial support, staying connected is crucial. However, leaving one’s home country can also create significant hurdles, especially for those who are forced to migrate or lack access to financial services. 

At Empowch, we understand the challenges that diaspora and unbanked rural women face. That’s why we’ve created a payments and financial services platform that’s designed to empower everyone’s pockets using financial technology. Our mission is to provide basic financial tools to those who lack access to traditional banking services, enabling them to send and receive value instantly and securely. 

Forced migration often leaves people without important paperwork required to open bank accounts, rendering them unbanked and un-bankable. Empowch changes that by making it possible to send cash from any part of the world to any other part, in USD value, redeemable in local currency. We have designed our technology to reach even the most rural users who are unfamiliar with high-tech but who use a mobile phone with WhatsApp or SMS. With Empowch, sending money is as easy as sending a WhatsApp message. 

Our unique proprietary software allows for cash matchmaking to take place wherever a mobile phone can be used. This model was conceptualized to help rural women specifically by providing them with basic financial tools, such as a way to add value to a user’s self-custody mobile wallet even if they do not have a bank account, a way to cash value out, even without a bank account, and a way to save money safely and securely on the blockchain. 

Our platform is based on Impact change with the intent to empower everyone’s pockets using financial technology. We are also onboarding various financial services that may be required by specific communities and using AI to help in that domain. The net effect of our technology is that users can send and receive money borderless, near free and instant, saving users billions in remittance fees. These savings can all be passed on to the consumer, ultimately improving the financial inclusion and empowerment of those who use our digital wallet as a means of saving and transacting. 

The high cost of remittance is a significant burden for the most marginalized countries, with rural women being the most disenfranchised. However, with Empowch, we are changing the game by using blockchain technology to radically alter access to financial services. By making it massively cheaper and more efficient with less human friction involved, we are making it possible for diaspora and unbanked rural women to stay connected with their loved ones in their home country. 

Empowch are in early test phase of their technology and are encouraging users to download so we can start testing functionality together to create the most applicable technology possible. Download our app here and see if you can benefit from your own self-custody, blockchain secured, mobile digital wallet. 

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