Randa Al Rifai: Championing Gender Equity and Blockchain Innovation in Lebanon

October 22, 2023

In the fast-evolving world of tech and blockchain, Randa Al Rifai is a name to remember. A powerhouse of determination, Randa is not only a prominent figure in Lebanon’s blockchain ecosystem but also a fierce advocate for gender equity in the tech industry. Recently, Randa sat down with our Chief Marketing Officer, Frederik, to delve into what fuels her unwavering commitment to these two causes and to announce her exciting new role as Regional Community Director for Lebanon with Empowch.

A Journey from Compliance to Blockchain Advocacy

Randa’s journey into the world of blockchain and her mission for gender inclusivity in tech is an inspirational tale. Hailing from a banking background with a focus on compliance, Randa’s career took an exciting twist when she was introduced to bitcoin and blockchain technology while living in Lebanon. After an intense period of study, she didn’t just become a convert; she became a vocal advocate for blockchain technology’s transformative potential.

But Randa’s influence doesn’t stop there. In her home country of Lebanon, she founded an active WhatsApp group dedicated to Bitcoin and Blockchain. This group, a thriving hub for tech enthusiasts, serving as a testament to Randa’s passion and ability to rally like-minded individuals around innovative ideas.



A Global Voice for Gender Inclusivity

What truly sets Randa apart is her dedication to addressing the gender disparity in the tech industry. Randa has made her mark as an international advocate for gender inclusivity, pushing for a level playing field for women in the male-dominated world of tech. Her work extends beyond borders, and she has passionately championed this cause on the global stage.



Empowch: Fostering Financial Literacy and Blockchain Education

In her new role, Randa will be working on the ground in Lebanon to establish a robust financial literacy program for the traditionally unbanked and launch a podcast series focused on women in the tech and blockchain industry while spreading the power of blockchain technology. These initiatives are designed to raise awareness for a greater balance in the gender mix in tech, for the betterment of tech for everyone. It is a more inclusive approach.

Randa emphasizes that being in tech is not limited to learning coding. It’s about understanding how to apply emerging digital technologies to solve real-world problems. And that’s exactly what Randa and Empowch aim to achieve in Lebanon, on the ground. Click the link below to watch the video.



Join the Empowch Movement

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Randa Al Rifai’s story is an inspiration to all aspiring tech enthusiasts and advocates for gender equity. This is a momentous chapter in the journey towards a more inclusive and diverse tech industry, and we can’t wait to see the positive change that Randa and Empowch will undoubtedly bring about.

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