Boost your platform with safer, faster and cheaper alternative payments for the unbanked

Build your community, empower it and increase your revenue with secure and efficient cross-border payments

Combining  mobile and blockchain technology allows us to provide a way for you to make payments to your gig-economy workers and freelancers in any country they live in, even if they are unbanked.

Unleash Your Potential with These Benefits:

Global Reach

Get customers from all over the world and send them instant and low cost payments in their local currency.

Any and All Transactions

Our platform handles micro-transactions and micropayments (as little as $1), benefiting small businesses.

For Anyone

Whether you’re a platform offering freelancer or gig economy services or you’re an independent freelancer/worker, you can receive or make international payments. Oh! And you don’t need to have a bank account. 

Low Fees

Empowch charges very low transaction fees with no need for currency conversion, saving your company money.

Fast Transactions

Blockchain technology is immutable, 100% safe, and delivers near instant transaction speed improving the user experience.

Security and Stability

Blockchain technology provides the highest level of security, protecting freelancers and gig economy workers from fraud and unauthorized transactions. Stable coins bring stability to crypto, eliminating volatility.

We make sure our platform is user-friendly

Check out how it works:

Receive Payment Request From Freelancer

Once freelancers finish their job, they send a payment request to you, directly from their Empowch Wallet

Review the Request

When you receive the request review and confirm the information: the name and the amount

Accept the Request and Send the Payment

Accept the request and pay the freelancer. They’ll instantly receive their payment into their mobile phone. 

Revolutionize Your Payments

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