Unlock instant, secure and global payments straight to your cellphone via QR code

Expand your customer base and increase sales with digital, fast, safe and cost-effective payments.

Reach millions of customers worldwide by accepting  USDC and other digital currencies, without currency conversion fees, and providing them with the benefits of near-instant payments and low-cost infrastructure.

Unleash Your Business Potential with Unmatched Benefits

Global Reach

Accept payments from customers from anywhere in the world, in their local currency. Get businesses opportunities and access to new markets.

Any and All Transactions

Our platform handles micro-transactions and micropayments, benefiting small businesses.

Low Fees

Empowch Wallet charges low transaction fees, which can help to increase profits for merchants.

Fast Transactions

The use of blockchain technology allows to process transactions quickly and securely, improving the customer experience.


Empowch Wallet uses USDC stablecoin, which eliminates the volatility risk that traditional crypto brings.


Blockchain technology provides a high level of security, protecting merchants from fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Empowch Wallet can provide access to financial services for underbanked or unbanked individuals, allowing more people to participate in the global economy and conduct transactions with merchants.

Easily integrate Empowch into your system

Here’s How:

Access the Payment Section

Open your Empowch Wallet and go to the payment section (QR code on the top right)

Enter the Payment Amount

Select the amount of money to receive and generate your QR code

Share Your QR Code

Show your screen with the QR code to your client and ask them to scan it with the camera on their own Empowch Wallet

Get Paid!

Once they scan it and confirm the transaction, you’ll instantly receive your payment directly to your Wallet.

Revolutionize Your Payments

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Empowering Peoples' Pockets

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