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Become a Connector™!


It is a person or small business that offers cash in and cash out services to other Empowch Users, specifically, those who don’t own a bank account. This means that they help add or withdraw cash from users wallets, whenever they need it. 

4 Reasons to Become a Connector™

Connect Your Community

Help those without a bank account, access essential financial services, such as receiving money internationally, saving and exchanging, by funding their wallets. 

Make Some Extra Cash

Boost your income while helping others; receive a percentage of each cash in and cash out transaction you help complete. 

Get New Customers

If you’re a business, you’ll get to connect with other Empowch users and expand your customer base by offering cash services. 

Empower Others

By offering cash in and cash out services to people without a bank account, you’ll help them gain financial independence and security, becoming a positive force in your community.

Ready To Become a Connector™?

Here's How To Do It:

Open Your Empowch Wallet

Go to the Empowch app on your cellphone and log into your account. 

Go to the "Become a Connector™" Section

Once you are in your account, go to the menu (top left) and select “Become a Connector™”. You’ll need to confirm your email before joining our network. 

Complete Your Connector™ Profile

Fill out all the information required; you’ll just need your name, ID and location. Don’t worry, all your information is secure with us. 

Offer Connector™ Services!

Once your profile is ready, start offering cash-in and cash-out services and empowering your community! 

Want To See How It Works? Check out this video

Become a Connector™ Now!

Empowering Peoples' Pockets

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