Empowering Unbanked Freelancers and Platforms

June 18, 2023

This blog introduces Empowch, an innovative solution that addresses the challenge faced by unbanked freelancers in the gig economy. It creates a win-win situation for both freelancers and platform owners, while also supporting the accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Struggles of Unbanked Freelancers

Imagine a talented freelancer with remarkable skills and ambition, yet limited by the lack of access to traditional banking services. Unbanked freelancers face exclusion from prominent freelancer platforms that require bank accounts, limiting their opportunities and hindering their growth.

Unlocking New Horizons with Empowch

Empowch revolutionizes the gig economy by providing an all-encompassing payment ecosystem tailored for unbanked freelancers. Through Empowch, freelancers can bid, compete, and thrive on any gig economy platform, regardless of their banking status.


Empowch Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals




SDG 1 – No Poverty

Access global job opportunities

Tap into the unbanked talent pool

SDG5 – Gender Equality

Equal opportunities regardless of gender

Help balance gender in tech

SDG8 – Decent work and Economic growth

Ability to access the Gig economy

Diversify platform offerings, enhance competitive edge

SDG9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Seamless payments, store value, spend

Upgrade to global borderless payments


Unlocking New Talent with the Empowch Integration

By integrating Empowch’s API, gig economy platforms tap into an untapped segment of unbanked freelancers, unlocking a wealth of skills and creativity. This diversifies platform offerings and enhances competitiveness.

Empowch provides a robust API that seamlessly incorporates payment solutions into gig economy platforms’ existing infrastructure. This integration is efficient, user-friendly, and ensures a smooth experience for freelancers and clients.

By empowering freelancers, platforms foster loyalty and attract top talent, leading to a thriving ecosystem of success and growth.


Empowch leads the way in empowering unbanked freelancers and revolutionizing the gig economy. Through seamless integration, it not only benefits the freelancers themselves but also advances key Sustainable Development Goals. Embrace Empowch today to empower unbanked freelancers, drive economic growth, promote equality, and shape a future where talent knows no boundaries.

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