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Kado and Empowch have joined forces on the Stellar blockchain to offer users unparalleled speed, efficiency, and low-cost access to financial services. This collaboration is transforming lives, especially for marginalized users in the MENA region and those relying on cross-border payments.

Introducing Empowch's GIG Economy API: Seamlessly empower businesses and individuals in the gig economy with secure cross-border payments. Expand your global reach, eliminate traditional banking requirements, enjoy low fees, fast transactions, and enhanced security. Join us for the future of gig economy payments.

For unbanked gig workers, gaining access to fair and timely payments has long been a challenge. Empowch recognizes this hurdle and with its innovative approach to financial inclusion is reshaping the gig economy landscape and empowering unbanked workers in unprecedented ways.

Discover the transformative potential of impact investing and its ability to generate positive change while maximizing financial returns. At Empowch, we're leading the way in revolutionizing cross-border payments through our cutting-edge mobile payments and financial services platform.

Are you ready to join a digital revolution? Empowch is breaking down financial barriers and offering a borderless payments system for the unbanked and underbanked.

In this blog, we explore the history of the gig economy, the challenges that unbanked individuals face when trying to participate, and how Web3 and innovative payment platforms like Empowch are changing the game.

The Global Diaspora

Connecting with loved ones in their home country is a top priority for the Global Diaspora, but it can be challenging. Check out what we're working on to to empower everyone's pockets using financial technology.

The International Student

International students pay a high price studying away from their home countries and our first Vlog series, we talk to Abudi, a super talented intern who is working on ground-breaking technology that will transform millions of lives.

The Borderless Freelancer

Are you a dreaming of being a borderless freelancer or digital nomad? Learn about the challenges of being a borderless freelancer and how Empowch can help you get paid in any country in local currency, even without a bank account.

In this blog we explore the key differences between Central Bank Digital Currency and Stable Coins.. We delve into the functionality, purpose, and potential impact on the future of financial services.

Empowering Peoples' Pockets

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