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Are you ready to join a digital revolution? Empowch is breaking down financial barriers and offering a borderless payments system for the unbanked and underbanked.


Ethos is an ethical appeal to convince the audience as to the authenticity and integrity of the author, speaker or organization. Our ethos is all about Empowerment using technology.

Blockchain is a decentralized empowering entity. In blockchain eco-systems, there is what is known as the digital triad: the Blockchain Rail, the Blockchain Anchors and the Blockchain platforms.

On the ground in Lebanon, Moataz and Bethany our two founders, are hard at work putting together all the requirements to launch Empowch into its next phase of growth. From October 2022, Empowch will offer International remittance between the USA and 18 International countries.

Empowch Bootstrapping Camp

Intense brainstorming sessions late night in the basement followed by long strenuous walks past rising corn fields in quant Washington DC, enhanced with amazing mediterranean food to keep our brain jelly firm. This is Bootcamp 2022.

Bcharre, Lebanon

Living and working in a town where electricity is not guaranteed, it is massively challenging for our two tech gurus who have worked tirelessly with our team to build the Empowch Financial platform. Rami and Mike live in rural Lebanon near the Syrian border that has been ravaged with war and violence.

Empowch Ivestor Pitch Deck Header Blog

A pitch deck should be visual and informative. It is essential that your first page or slide captures the attention of the reader willing them to continue reading the rest. If you are not engaged in the beginning, you may not continue reading it.

Mexito City Downtown

Mexico City is home to Andrea Araiza, our Marketing Specialist who has been supporting the Empowch dream for the past two years. What she has enjoyed the most about her experience working at Empowch is what the project stands for, the people on her team and how much she has learned being part of it.

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the worlds oldest existing bank.

The concept of banking originates pre Roman Empire but the banking system as we know it was created during the 14th century in Italy. Technology has always played a part in the development of the banking industry and the creation of Blockchain technology will radically alter the future of financial services globally.

Paying with mobile phone

Who are the unbanked and do they need financial services? We have studied a working paper drafted for the World Bank and the IMF to understand how remittance in Central America can lead to financial inclusion and apply that study to our global perspective.

Empowering Peoples' Pockets

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